MIO® is the toothbrush that will follow you throughout your life, in the places you visit, in the spaces you make unique.

How many items can you always carry with you, whether the trip is for business or for pleasure?
How many items are you always bringing with you, from your first small apartment to your new home, without getting old, without losing purpose, resisting impassive through fashion and years?
MIO® is the sculpture that you have chosen, the one you always put in your suitcase.
MIO® defies time, defies distances.

MIO® is the bond you have with elegance even in the smallest and most personal of your daily gestures.


MIO® comes in 2 different material, Stainless Steel and titanium, 2 elegant shapes e 3 different surface finishing, Lucido, Satinato and Raw: a special and accurate manual post production process for those who want a jewel without alteration and closest to generative matter.