Team Headed by Professor Xu Tianjun of SHOU Publishing a Review Paper on Reviews in Aquaculture

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Recently, a review paper by the Fish Molecular Immunology Laboratory of SHOU, “MicroRNA regulation of Toll-like receptor, RIG-I-like receptor and Nod-like receptor pathways in teleost fish” (link: has been published online by internationally known academic journal Reviews in Aquaculture (ranked 1/52 in the aquaculture and fishery field). The first unit of this paper is SHOU, its first author is co-trained doctoral candidate Chu Qing, and its corresponding author is Professor Xu Tianjun.

Molecular mechanism of microRNA regulation of innate immune signaling pathways in fish

This paper mainly summarizes the achievements of existing studies on microRNA regulation of innate immune signaling pathways in fish, and elaborates on the research breadth, research depth, and application prospects of microRNA in fish disease prevention and control, molecular breeding, etc. This paper is also a summary of a series of work done by the research team headed by Professor Xu Tianjun on microRNA regulation of innate immune responses in fish in the past years. Over the years, the research team has conducted a series of studies on fish microRNA, and published several original papers on non-coding RNA regulation of innate immune responses in fish on many internationally prestigious academic journals. Currently, it is leading the international circle of fish microRNA in both research progress and research depth.

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